Fleet management

Optimize your fleets with real-time GPS tracking.

Manage your fleet from anywhere, efficiently and effectively.

The machine-to-machine (M2M) and connected device markets are continually evolving. Our solution enables reliable tracking, monitoring, and control of assets to enhance productivity and ensure fleet safety, all through a unified hardware and platform, tailored to meet the needs of various fleet operations.

For all your industry needs

Public works

Public safety

Commercial fleet

Your fleet telematics platform

Cypress VUE

Our web-based GPS fleet tracking platform includes an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Features include custom reporting, geofence creation, event rules triggers for alarms, and real-time vehicle diagnostics.

Gain a competitive edge with us.

Use data-driven insights to improve every aspect of your fleets with our solution.

  • Track vehicles in real-time
  • Use our report generator to create custom reports
  • Geofences and event rules for immediate alerts
  • Stringent security protocols and security settings
  • Integrate with a dash camera to monitor fleet operations

Pair with our industrial IoT devices


Designed with ruggedness and flexibility in mind, our devices are deployed in harsh, operating environments. Explore our current wireless gateways with fleet tracking and reporting capabilities.

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