CTM-ONE is the industrial LTE cellular wireless gateway for mobile and fixed applications.

CTM-ONE Wireless Gateway

Keep your assets connected at all times.

Cypress Solutions’ CTM-ONE is your next generation of gateway for fleet tracking and fixed sites. Stay connected and improve your business operations any time you want. Anywhere you want.

CTM-ONE - Key Features

Rugged design

Designed to handle even the most extreme operating environments, regardless of the industry you are in.

Integrated Cypress IOT platform

Our team provides dedicated support for device management and telemetry. Learn more about our platform below.

LTE-Wi-Fi and GNSS

Embedded LTE (MIMO), Wi-Fi and GNSS antennas for all your operational needs.

Flexible cable covers

The gateway has a variety of optional cable covers. This in turn, provides a high degree of protection and security.

Dual SIM support

The dual sim functionality allows you to switch carriers on the fly.


The gateway is a convenient and portable device which has a variety of mounting options.
CTM-ONE with accessories and cables

CTM-ONE Standard hardware features

  • Ethernet interface for connectivity to IP devices
  • CAN Bus for connection to vehicle systems (single connection point providing power and ignition detection)
  • Analog and digital inputs and outputs (software controlled)
  • Single wire sensor support
  • Serial and RS485 interfaces
  • On board GNSS positioning
  • Integrated Wi-Fi (access point and client); Max 10 clients
  • Integrated Bluetooth (BLE)
  • Optional internal battery for solutions requiring “last gasp” or “anti-tamper”

CTM-ONE Optional Accessories

Optional cable covers for CTM-ONE

Cable Covers

Various cable covers available to protect the ports on the device



A standalone ruggedized system for remote telemetry monitoring

CTM-ONE Accessories include camera application

Camera Application

An operator-controlled camera to capture photos of specific events or used as a dashcam

Person holding tablet that shows VUE fleet telematic solutions

Track your assets with Cypress VUE

Monitor your valuable assets with real-time GPS tracking on and off the road. Analyze asset conditions and check vehicle diagnostics. Discover the endless opportunities with our platform.

Track your CTM-ONE with Cypress IOT

Manage and monitor your cellular wireless gateway in an integrated platform for device management, data analytics and dashboarding.

Cypress IOT

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