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Meet the friendly faces of our team members who contribute to the innovation of technology at Cypress Solutions.


Casey O'Neill


Matthew Murnaghan

Vice President

Samir Hadzimusic

Vice President, Product Engineering

Mike England

Principal Developer

Engineering & Development

Keith Mo

Senior Firmware Developer

Quinn Ramsay

Intermediate Firmware Developer

Joshua Stephens

Intermediate Software Developer

Andrew Craig

Software Developer

John Whangbo

Junior Software Developer

Harnoor Gill

Product Quality Technician

Haris Munawar

Senior Network & Systems Administrator


Heather Buchanan

Support Technician

Dexter Sharma

Support Technician

Tetiana Shpychka

Support Technician


Isaiah Huang

Production Technician

Eli Ho

Production Technician

David Leung


Brian Michalovsky



Elly Kolima


Tony Ieng

Product Delivery Manager

Frank Li


Mimi Leung

Administrative Assistant

Sales & Marketing

David Burry

technical Sales Representative

Chris Canziani

Marketing Coordinator

Kaitlin Luong

Marketing Coordinator


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    Casey O'Neill, CGA


    As Cypress Solutions’ President and Co-Founder, Casey O’Neill is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations as well as leading the company’s business strategy, new business development, public profile and company culture.

    Casey co-founded Cypress Solutions with Matthew Murnaghan in 1997 and today, the company is recognized amongst Canada’s fastest growing companies by the PROFIT 500 rankings. Casey has an extensive background in finance and management and has held senior positions at various B2B companies, including Delson Industries, Layfield Plastics and Fisons Horticulture Inc. (U.S).

    Matthew Murnaghan, P.Eng

    Vice President

    As Cypress Solutions’ Vice President, Matthew Murnaghan leads the company’s product development and technology strategy. With a background in mechanical engineering and experience in the high technology sector, he is a specialist in the areas of automotive component and product designs as well as the integration of advanced manufacturing technology in industrial and consumer products.

    Matthew co-founded Cypress Solutions with Casey O’Neill in 1997 and today, the company is recognized amongst Canada’s fastest growing companies by the PROFIT 500 rankings.

    Samir Hadzimusic, B.Sc

    Vice President, Product Engineering

    Samir Hadzimusic is the Vice President of the Product Engineering team at Cypress Solutions. With experience in the telecommunications industry, he has been involved in numerous hardware and embedded software projects including wireless device development, industrial control and monitoring devices, and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FGPA) designs.

    Samir joined Cypress Solutions in 1997 and has been instrumental to the progressive development of the company’s CTM product lines.

    Mike England

    Principal Developer

    Mike England has over 25 years of experience in designing and developing software systems and applications for large enterprises. Throughout his career, he has held key technical and design roles with a number of companies in the natural resources and technology sectors. His experience with software development spans across engineering, scientific as well as commercial business applications for embedded, hand-held/pda, desktop, server, and high-end graphics workstations.