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Bodyline Auto Recyclers boosts deliveries with GPS fleet tracking

Founded in 1985, Bodyline Auto Recyclers is dedicated to selling and recycling end-of-life vehicles by dismantling them with an environmentally friendly approach. With an 80,000 square foot facility, Bodyline makes an effort to recycle scrap vehicles through a rigorous dismantling process, while offering delivery service for customers purchasing auto parts at a fraction of the original retail price. By using the CTM-ONE device and Cypress VUE fleet tracking platform, the auto recycler is now managing an efficient driver workforce with a maximized delivery rate. 

The Challenge – Seeking a fleet tracking system with high accuracy

For many businesses, service trucks pose a significant capital investment. However, without reliable drivers and operators, these mobile assets can turn into expensive yard decorations. According to Bodyline’s operations manager, Eric McDonald, the auto recycler struggled to find an accurate and secure GPS tracking platform to improve driver accountability and fleet safety.

“Previously, my drivers will say that they are taking a break or will drive an indirect route to waste time so that they don’t have to come back and do more deliveries. I wouldn’t know where they are and this leaves me in the blind in relation to telling my customers when they would be receiving the parts. In a nutshell, there is no accountability for my drivers. Therefore, GPS tracking would solve this issue,” said Eric McDonald.

Prior to Cypress Solutions, Bodyline had severe issues with the former cloud-based tracking system. “With the previous partner we had, our trucks could appear missing for a few minutes on the map. When I did route replays, the vehicle tracks were inaccurate where the system informed that the driver drove this particular route when, in fact, he drove a completely different route,” explained Eric.

The Solution – CTM-ONE and Cypress VUE act as driver monitoring system

When Bodyline started the partnership with Cypress Solutions, the auto recycler had five delivery trucks. They deliver the auto parts to customers as far as Toronto, Oshawa, Niagrara, and Kitchener. These areas take up a big radius for drivers to complete their routes. To date, the fleet has expanded to fourteen trucks on the road and the CTM-ONE devices are currently installed in a mix of pick-up trucks, roll-off trucks, and tow trucks.

Eric comments on the Cypress VUE platform being the biggest selling feature, “We never had to try the full solution out with a demo. The CTM-ONE units installed in our vehicles outperform the competition in how fast they transmit the data to the tracking software. As with Cypress VUE, it is endless with what I could do on the platform. I was aware that Cypress Solutions has been working with the public safety customers in Ontario, including ambulance, fire, and the police force, so this gives a peace of mind.”

Using geofences and custom reporting in Cypress VUE

Geofences play a major role in the use of the fleet tracking platform for Bodyline. With several geofence setups, Eric claims that geofencing is his go-to tool in Cypress VUE. “It is great how easy you can use this feature. I can easily change the shape from a circle to an octagon or to any irregular shape to get the exact property line. It’s impressive how accurate it is. “

Eric also utilizes the trip & idle report to track drivers’ start and stop time to monitor the duration they take for part deliveries and to ensure they are not taking longer breaks than the allotted time.

The Result – An efficient workforce with improved delivery rate

Since using the full solution in 2018, Bodyline has become significantly efficient with their truck deliveries, leading to higher customer satisfaction. “With the system, I can add more than half a day of work for my drivers. I can verify the drivers’ trip sheet and verify their breaks. Overall, my operational efficiency has been increasing so fast that I can inform my clients within 15 minutes of delivery on average. Therefore, it is a night and day difference using Cypress VUE for fleet tracking,” said Eric.

What’s next 

Regarding plans for future expansion, Bodyline hopes to enter the US market with its own trucks within the coming year. Eric states that Cypress VUE offers more than what his operation requires. “I am so happy with the products that I do not have anything to add. It’s been doing exactly what it needs to do. We don’t even utilize the platform as much as it offers. We could be tracking kilometers, fuel usage, and breaking down how much each delivery costs, but we don’t even go that far. It’s just a fantastic system!”

For Bodyline Auto Recyclers, the complete fleet telematics solution brings multiple benefits to the management team to achieve a leaner, more efficient, and higher performing fleet that continues to grow their business.

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