Cypress VUE

Real-time GPS tracking for all your assets.

Cypress VUE across devices

Construct geofences

Cypress VUE geofence functionality allows you to create virtual boundaries and set up alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a geofence. Quickly receive notifications via SMS or email. Reduce unauthorized trips while increasing fleet productivity.

Monitor route completion status

Map out specific routes using geofencing and track progress on your winter maintenance fleets in Cypress VUE. Manage overall track completion and minimize fuel costs by eliminating inefficient routes.

Check vehicle diagnostics

Connect your wireless gateways to the vehicle CAN Bus, and view the status from the malfunction indicator light (MIL), along with its associated numbers and trouble codes. Set up real-time alerts for timely fleet maintenance.

Create custom reports

Create custom reports to suit every aspect of your fleet needs. Gain key insights into your fleet operations and its associated costs to improve performance results. Analyze total salt usage, plowing or spreading efficiency and other custom reports.

See dash camera snippets in real time

Dash camera system can be integrated to your Cypress Solutions hardware and ready for you to view on the platform. Ensure operations are completed on time for your fleet service. 

Visualize data with ease

Reduce the time and amount of data needed to be searched when you run online reports. Cypress VUE’s advanced reporting tool has built-in intelligence with our firmware to keep track of vehicle parameters. Visualize data with ease with the data you want and when you want it.

Manage your workspaces

Make use of Cypress VUE’s intuitive interface and customize your workspace to fit your exact needs. Choose the best navigation format to maximize your productivity.

Improve fleet safety and efficiency with Cypress VUE

Cypress VUE is ideal for various types of fleets in any industry. Manage and monitor your vehicles 24/7 with our user-friendly interface.

Manage your fleets and increase efficiency now

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