Winter operations

Utilize real-time data to keep roads safe.

Prepare your fleets for winter's harsh conditions.

With accurate telematics data, fleet managers and public works professionals can receive real-time updates and deploy jobs to de-ice and clear city roads and regional highways. The Cypress VUE fleet telematics platform and the CTM-ONE device are a complete solution for any municipality of any size.

Cypress VUE & CTM-ONE

Cypress Solutions’ fleet telematics solution combines the capabilities of the CTM-ONE wireless gateway with Cypress VUE platform to reliably track assets, analyze data, and generate meaningful reports.

Route completion service

The route completion service in Cypress VUE provides you with a meaningful summary of snow removal in real-time on various routes within the last 48 hours. Define a complete route and track the overall percentage of route completion during a storm event. Identify route progress by colours on the map and view updated route progress any time, anywhere.

Fully customize your fleet reports

Public work and winter operations maintenance departments need to ensure roads are safe for residents. With this goal in mind, Cypress VUE is built with a robust report creation system that supports various types of reports for winter operations. You can customize reports based on SQL queries in a variety of formats. Reports can be delivered automatically based on a schedule or on-demand.

Optimize material usage

Track important material usage including solid materials, pre-wet, anti-ice along with exact costs of usage during any time frame. Enable your team to use consistent material application and reduce annual material costs.

Monitor snow events

Keep track of snow occurrence and deploy tasks in real-time during the winter months. The snow event report includes key parameters such as date, start time, stop time, total distance, and snow event.

Plan routes for efficient spreading

Analyze and plan routes to maximize the percentage of roads that have been spread. You can filter this by the garage and district of choice.

Maximize plowing efficiency

Plowing reports are used to track plowing distance and the percentage of roads that have been plowed. Key data includes total distance and the associated garage that plowing took place.

Blade - Right


The CTM-ONE Blade is an alternate housing for external vehicle installations, with a fully sealed and weatherproof design. With its discreet grey colour to blend in on vehicles, the Blade has all the functions as the original CTM-ONE.

CTM-ONE camera application

An operator or time-controlled camera can be installed in your winter maintenance vehicles to capture photos of specific events or used as a dash cam. Record snow events and view current road conditions. Images are uploaded to the Cypress VUE platform and can be monitored in real-time.

CTM-ONE Accessories include camera application

Integrate our solution with your 511 public portal

For government municipalities, help your residents make informed decisions from traffic data via your public access site. With the location of each snowplow displayed on the map in real-time, you can inform residents which roads have been plowed.

The CTM-ONE camera application images are viewable on the Cypress VUE platform and can be displayed on your traffic map.


CTM-ONE winter operations installations

The CTM-ONE can be easily installed in your winter maintenance vehicles.  Below are a few examples of the CTM-ONE installations in various locations.

Supported spreader controller manufacturers

Optimize your winter fleet operations today

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