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Fixed site connectivity, cellular communication


• CTM-ONE device



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Computrol Systems secures reliable communication with CTM-ONE

Computrol Systems designs and develops rugged self-serve terminals with on-premise or cloud hosted software to help manage bulk liquid dispensing operations. Their customer base covers the government, petroleum, fleet, and industrial sectors across North America. The terminals communicate with the software remotely via multiple communication methods, one of which is cellular modems. The CTM-ONE cellular gateways provide the wireless connectivity to make it happen.

The Challenge – Sourcing cellular gateways from a sole supplier

Computrol’s complete solution exists in a large architecture environment. At remote fuel sites or water stations, transactions for bulk liquids are processed by secure terminals that transmit data to and from the software for authorization, storage, monitoring, and analysis.

Prior to using the CTM-ONE, Computrol struggled with sourcing cellular gateways from various suppliers, leading to time-consuming product delivery. “In the past, we used to get modems from many places. We had to deal with different people and different companies to understand the modem and how it integrates with our system. Therefore, having one sole local supplier to get the support we need, when we need it, is extremely useful and saves us a significant amount of time.” said Joshua Rottenberg, President of Computrol Systems. 

The Solution – Using the CTM-ONE device for cellular communication

In response to the above challenge, The CTM-ONE wireless gateway was chosen as the cellular device for its reliable connectivity and rugged design. The device is built with advanced data interfaces and power management.

According to Joshua, “The engineering team at Computrol really took the time to learn about the CTM-ONE device and its capabilities. After trying out a couple of demo units, the rest of the roll-out was smooth sailing for us. Once we understood how to configure the modem, we can repeat this process over and over again”.

The CTM-ONE device acts as a communication bridge between the terminal set-up and Computrol liquid management software, among many alternatives. The rugged gateway provides:

  • Dual-SIM support
  • Versatile cables for a high degree of protection and security
  • Embedded LTE and Wi-Fi

The Result – Stable connectivity at all times

Computrol Systems has 51 CTM-ONE units installed at customer sites to date. Since becoming a Cypress Solutions customer in 2020, the CTM-ONE has lived up to the expectations as a rugged and reliable wireless gateway.

Joshua, President of Computrol Systems, stated “When the modems are received at our production bay, we get the SIM cards from our customers and our team goes through the inspection and testing stage to make sure the modem works properly with our hardware and that they work in the customer’s environment as well. Overall, the CTM-ONE has done its part very well – especially in streamlining our customer support process.

What’s next

Looking forward to the future, Joshua is hoping to source SIM cards directly from Cypress Solutions to expedite the order delivery process. “Currently, our customers are getting the SIMs themselves and this usually causes a delay in our deployment process. If we can have both the SIM and data plan included with the shipment of the CTM-ONE, we can streamline and increase efficiency in our process.”

With Computrol Systems, the CTM-ONE is a powerful device for a fixed site application, bridging the components of a complete solution seamlessly.

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