Oxygen 3 Plus (end-of-life)

High bandwidth LTE cellular gateway built for advanced speed applications.

Operate your business at ease with
non-stop connectivity.

The Oxygen 3 Plus wireless gateway is powered by the ARM Cortex-A8 one GHz superscalar processor. The device is ultimately capable of meeting your operational performance demands at all times. Ideal for fixed site applications such as point of sale, banking and wireless failover.

Oxygen 3 Plus - Key features

Built-in battery

Minimize disruptions during power outages with built-in battery life up to 7 hours

RF site assessments

Best in class RF assessment survey mode for optimal device placement

Ease of integration

Easily integrate with sophisticated branch networking environments

Onboard logic

Onboard logic for always on, always connected operations

Integrated with Cypress IOT

The CTM-ONE is integrated with our device management platform for monitoring


Easy installation for higher rate of deployment success

Always on, always connected operations.

  • Increase your competitive edge by having network availability at all times
  • Continue to deliver exceptional service to customers and stakeholders
  • Eliminate costly terrestrial circuits which are often susceptible to breakdowns
  • Gain return on investment and cost savings in annual IT networking expenses

Your device management platform

Cypress IOT

Manage and monitor your cellular wireless gateway in an integrated platform for device management, data analytics and dashboarding.

Cypress IOT

Frequently asked questions

What power options does the Oxygen 3 / Oxygen 3 Plus support?

Both the Oxygen 3 and Oxygen 3 Plus wireless gateways support Power Over Ethernet (PoE) and AC Power Adapters.

Why is my mobile device’s download speed faster than that of my wireless gateway when I run a speed test?

Mobile devices have different radio modules than the ones in Cypress Solutions devices. We have options for higher speed and lower speed radios. Comparing your mobile device to a Cypress Solutions device is not an accurate comparison.

What do I need to do if I have changed the SIM card to a new carrier?

First, connect to the wireless gateway and access the web user interface. Select 3G/4G WWAN and update the APN to what was provided by the new carrier.

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