CTM-ONE Accessories

Add-ons to enhance the capabilities of your wireless gateway.

CTM-ONE Solar Transparent 3

Get more out of your CTM-ONE.

Cypress Solutions’ CTM-ONE is a rugged device made to withstand any conditions it is put through. Add on CTM-ONE optional accessories such as cable covers, a solar panel, or even an internal battery to take your CTM-ONE to the next level.

Cable Covers


Side Access

Cable cover for applications that require side entrance

Optional cable covers for CTM-ONE


Cable cover for applications that may require weather sealing capabilities (hole drilling required)

cable gland cover-1


Cable cover for applications that require weather sealing capabilities


  • A standalone ruggedized system for remote telemetry monitoring
  • Has an integrated solar panel and battery
  • Advanced logic for monitoring charge level and battery level
  • Optimizes reporting in the most adverse of conditions
  • Designed to be field-installed with minimal tools and setup

Camera Application

  • An operator-controlled camera to capture photos of specific events or to be used as a dashcam
  • Can be used for recording debris on the road, contaminated garbage or event current road conditions
  • The camera is connected and powered by a single Ethernet cable over PoE
  • Photos are triggered by the operator by using a push-button or can be automatically taken based on a timer or an event 
  • Photos are uploaded to Cypress VUE and can be viewed at anytime
  • Photos are stored for up to 90 days
CTM-ONE Accessories include camera application

Internal Battery

  • Optional rechargeable backup battery for last-gasp tamper detection applications
  • Ensures continuous power supply to the device
  • Compatible with any variant of the CTM-ONE
  • Cylindrical wide-temperature Li-Ion battery with a protection circuit
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6V
  • Nominal capacity: 3000mAh
  • Includes over voltage, over current and over temperature protection modes

Power Cables

OBDII Transparent


Provides power and ECU data from consumer grade vehicles

J1939 Cable for CTM-ONE accessories

J1939 Cable

Provides power and ECU data from industrial vehicles 

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