WPAN Gateways

Chameleon CTM-200 gateways can communicate to WPAN (wireless personal area network) devices via an integrated WPAN gateway module or through an external serial WPAN Gateway. A serial WPAN Gateway connects to the RS-232 port of a CTM-200. The serial WPAN Gateway option provides an alternate mounting solution that uses the WPAN Gateway's internal antenna vs. integrated WPAN module that requires an external 2.4 Ghz antenna.

Note: Legacy modems require a WPAN Gateway to communicate with WPAN devices.

Our signature Standard Gateway connects directly to the RS-232 port of a Chameleon CTM-200 gateway.
Rooftop Gateway
Made for external mounting, the weatherproof Rooftop Gateway can be mounted on a vehicle's roof or side mirror or to a building's exterior.
Windshield Gateway
The Windshield Gateway mounts directly to the inside of a vehicle's windshield in the upper left or right corner, allowing for better line of sight coverage.