Work Alone - Industrial

How do you protect your workers in remote locations? Give you and your employees peace of mind with a communication link through the Intrinsically Safe Man Down Pendant.
Intrinsically Safe Man Down Pendant

What is the Man Down Pendant?

This user worn pendant helps protect your lone worker by communicating an emergency message. It is certified Intrinsically Safe for use in hazardous environments.
Pressing the button on the Intrinsically Safe Man Down Pendant

What if there is an emergency?

The press of a single large button prompts an alarm notification. The single button press was designed for the sole purpose of simplicity. Nobody wants to be fumbling with multiple button sequences or small keypad dialing during an emergency.
Injured worker

What if there is an emergency and my worker is unable to press the button?

The integrated motion sensor prompts an alert notification when the pendant is motionless after 60 seconds. From the moment of no motion up until the 30 second mark, the pendant will sound a series of increasing beeps to warn the user. This allows the worker ample time to resume pendant motion, should there be no emergency.
Man Down alert notification on a computer

Who receives the alert notification?

The button press alerts a designated recipient with your worker's ID and GPS location (based on the user's vehicle location).

Can the Man Down Pendant be used for Indoor applications?

Yes. Paired with a Range Extender, the Man Down Pendant can provide 100% area coverage in industrial plants and warehouses to ensure worker safety.

How does this Work Alone system work?

The user worn Intrinsically Safe pendant works in conjunction with our Windshield Gateway that communicates to a Chameleon modem or other wireless data communication equipment. The rugged Chameleon modem installs into the worker's vehicle. Information can be received and requested through a remote monitoring software program on any computer.
Graph of how the Man Down Pendant works