Wireless Serial Gateway

Wireless Serial Gateway

The Wireless Serial Gateway provides a safe and efficient method of accessing data from within a SCADA system. By establishing a connection to the RTU from INSIDE the vehicle, site inspectors save significant time logging data.
Remote site

Increase efficiency during site visits

Multiple site visits are time consuming as a worker must leave a vehicle to enter a building at each location. Removing some of the burden of those visits better streamlines job productivity.
Remote site

Protect personnel

Many RTU's are located in remote sites that endure harsh climates. Because inspectors can remain in the safety of their vehicle, risks associated with personnel entering a hazardous area are minimized.
Wireless Serial Gateway series

Wireless Serial Gateways look a lot like the WPAN Gateway series - are they the same thing?

No. Though Wireless Serial Gateways look identical to the WPAN Gateway family, they house completely different firmware for different functions. The WSG is available in 3 different options. Choose from 3 form factors - Standard, Rooftop and Windshield (shown clockwise from top left).

How does it work?

A site inspector parks his/her truck at a remote work site. Inside the truck a laptop and a Windshield Gateway are connected to a Chameleon CTM-200. The Windshield Gateway, acting as a server, provides a short range (300-800 meter) wireless link to the Wireless Serial Gateway (WSG), which acts as a client. The WSG is connected to the site's RTU and has the intelligence to indicate to the RTU when a valid connection has been established.

Graph of how the Wireless Serial Gateway works

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