Managing multiple sites throughout an expansive region increasingly requires a real-time always-connected system solution. Chameleon CTM-200 gateways integrate with a central control system to automatically collect critical telemetry data and alert users to changes in conditions.
Electric meters

Get the data you need, whenever you need it

Built in network monitoring allows for 24/7/365 connectivity. Even in an area with a weak cellular signal, an externally mounted antenna creates maximum signal reception.
Power lines

Reduce costly time consuming site visits

CTM-200 gateways can be remotely configured and upgraded, making costly site visits unnecessary. And with an operating system that includes watchdog timers, system reboots (if needed) are unattended, automatic and hassle-free.

How does it work?

A Chameleon CTM-200 gateway is installed at your utility site. The gateway supports a variety of industrial protocols such as UDP/TCP PAD, MODBUS Master Gateway, MODBUS Slave Gateway (TCP/SERIAL),and ULCP. It wirelessly communicates data using cellular technology. Information can be received and requested through a monitoring software program on your computer.
Remote site monitoring graph
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