You’ve got a lot of money invested in your equipment and people. Construction and trade industries benefit greatly when they can monitor high value assets in real-time and ensure safety to their lone workers.

Get a bird's eye view of driver habits

Do you know if your workers are speeding in your vehicles? How do you monitor bad driver habits such as hard breaking and hard acceleration? Take the management of your vehicles and personnel to a new level with a Chameleon CTM-200 and web-based tracking application.
Chameleon CTM-200

More than just a tracking device

With a Chameleon CTM-200, you'll be able to monitor engine diagnostics to ensure proper maintenance and repair of your valuable equipment when it’s needed.
Bluetooth Pendant

Ensure lone worker safety

How do you ensure safety with a mobile workforce? The Bluetooth Pendant is a user worn pendant that helps protect your lone worker by communicating an emergency message via designated BlackBerry® products.
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