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VUE Manager software
A complete device managing software, VUE Manager allows configurations and firmware updates on multiple gateways/modems in the field with no user intervention.
CTM-200 Viewer software
The CTM-200 Viewer is a Windows® application that displays CTM-200 network and location (GPS) information in real time. It also allows you to easily powercycle a CTM-200 or open a command console.
Chameleon Serial Upgrade software
Serial Upgrade is a Windows® application for upgrading Chameleon CTM-15X Modem firmware from versions prior to 1.3.X (ie, 1.2.0, 1.2.2) to version 1.3.X.
Chameleon Upgrade software
Chameleon Upgrade is a Windows® application for upgrading Chameleon CTM-15X Modem firmware from versions prior to 1.3.X to newer versions that are also prior to 1.3.X (ie, when upgrading from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1).
Chameleon Batch software
Chameleon Batch is a Windows® software application for use with the Chameleon CTM-13X/15X wireless data modems. It provides a mechanism to configure a number (batch) of modems with the same or similar parameters.
Chameleon Chat software
Chameleon Chat can send and receive UDP or TCP PAD packets over any IP network. It verifies communication to the wireless modem prior to running the end application and identifies potential blocks caused by firewall settings.
Chameleon Detect software
Chameleon Detect is used to determine what a modem’s current RS232 port baud rate is set at.
Chameleon Initialization software
The Chameleon CTM-13X, CTM-100/101/102 and CTM-110/120 Modems are configured for operation on the CDMA network by loading the telephone number allocated to the modem. CTM-13X and 110/120 Modems also require a user name, password and 1x network access number.
Chameleon PRL Upgrade software
The Preferred Roaming List (PRL) is a database residing in the wireless data card/module. It contains information used during the system selection and acquisition process. This software allows the list to be updated.
Chameleon KML Parser software
An easy to use Windows® application that converts stored log files generated using the Chameleon Chat utility into "KML" format files viewable in applications such as GoogleEarth™.
Chameleon KML Parser software
KML Server is a simple windows® application that runs at the same time as Google Earth™. It allows streaming real-time data to be plotted from multiple sources within the Google Earth™ application.
Chameleom CTM-15X Modem
If a modem will be used on a Windows operating system it is necessary to install a modem information file (.inf). The various modem .inf files and also the USB drivers are located here.

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