Report Message 88 - ULCP Message with Acceleration/Deceleration and GPS

Header: 0x58 0xSS 0x06 0x00 0x00 0xNN 0x0000

Where NN is the message length range 0x13 to 0x1D - dependent on the modem ID string length.

Message body:

Hex Description
4 bytes Normalized latitude (RMC latitude x 100,000)
4 bytes Normalized longitude (RMC longitude x 100,000)
2 bytes Speed in km/h
2 bytes Acceleration/Deceleration in km/h/s x 10
4 bytes Time (based on number of seconds since 00:00:00 January 1st 1970
1 byte GPS data validity: 0x”A” = valid; 0x”V” = invalid; 0x”B” = buffered valid; 0x”W” = buffered invalid.
1 byte GPS quality: 0 = not valid; 1 = valid
1 to 11 bytes Modem ID: ASCII string

Note: ULCP binary messages should not be used for local serial report mode 1 and 2 in applications where timed message delivery is critical.