Public Safety

The rugged Chameleon CTM-200 devices are manufactured to industrial standards making them ideal for public safety applications. The design also allows for an easy upgrade path to new cellular technologies as they become available.
Emergency vehicles

Save valuable time and resources

By knowing where every vehicle in your fleet is you can:
  • Respond to emergencies more quickly
  • Increase productivity by reducing driving time
  • Reduce unauthorized trips and stops
  • Increase employee security

Why integrate a Chameleon CTM-200 into a vehicle/laptop docking system?

  • Secures the wireless radio/module/USB stick in a secure housing protecting it from damaging elements
  • Provides a reliable connection to an external mount vehicle antenna for optimal performance
  • Operates independently of a currently docked laptop (for example, it does not require a laptop to be docked for modem features to be functioning - (GPS,I/O,etc)
  • Provides a high-speed Ethernet connection to the docked laptop (serial connection also possible but will not take advantage of high speed cellular networks)
  • Provides access to inputs and outputs that can be used to control and monitor emergency lights/camera/siren etc
  • Provides access to the vehicle OBDII system for monitoring vehicle parameters
  • It's router capabilities can be used for IPSec VPN tunnels, port forwarding, NAT, etc
  • Autonomous GPS receiver provides optimal GPS data coverage for remote monitoring and locally connected laptops for in-vehicle CAD applications
  • Broad range power supply (9-36 VDC) allow for operating in a variety of conditions
  • Seamless integration with other accessories such as the Man-Down Pendant, RFID and Garmin navigation devices
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