How do you manage a business when you can't see your workers? Cypress has developed GPS hardware that pairs with a web-based application to help you control your mobile operations.
Tugboat on the Fraser River

Manage tugboats from the office

Imagine being able to monitor vessel maintenance and receive reports instantly, all from the comfort of your office. With our report management software, engine diagnostic monitoring capabilities and asset tracking devices; controlling an unseen workplace is at your finger tips.
Marine Asset Tracker mounted on log boom

Track ALL of your marine assets

Using our Marine Asset Tracker, even non-engine assets such as log booms and barges can be monitored. Pinpoint their exact location on a mapping application.
Container barge

Save time and money

Know the exact location of every vessel, log boom and barge in your fleet to:
  • Save fuel costs by eliminating inefficient routes
  • Increase employee productivity by reducing driving time
  • Monitor tugboat speed to reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce unauthorized trips and stops
  • Reduce overtime
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