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Our wireless solutions are designed with flexibility in mind. The machine to machine (M2M) and connected device markets are always evolving and a flexible hardware platform allows new technologies to be implemented quickly. Our focus is on enabling customers with our line of wireless gateways, our innovative cloud offerings for device management and fleet tracking, and an open integrative approach. The Chameleon CTM-200 R2 has a Linux-based platform powered by an Arm Cortex-A8 720 Mhz superscalar processor capable of meeting the performance demands of today and tomorrow. The rugged industrial design specification is suited to the most demanding commercial environments. On-board standard features make the CTM-200 ideal for mobile fleet applications.

Industries Served

Public Safety; Police, Fire and Ambulance, Search and Rescue, Sheriff

Field Service; Oil and Gas, Electric, Telephone

Government; Federal and Municipal, Road Maintenance, Waste Removal, Licensing, Transit

Heavy Equipment; Mining, Vacuum Excavators

Other; Rail, Marine, Tugboats

Each type of fleet may have different requirements. For example, police departments may need an event trigger on emergency lights so automatic messages can go to supervisors; road maintenance may require integration to salt spreader controllers; waste removal may require integration to weight scale controllers, and transit may require integration to fare collections systems. The Chameleon CTM-200 is used in all of these examples and if there is something particular to your application, our engineering support group will help accommodate these needs.



• Mobile device connectivity
• Location (GPS) data for fleet tracking
• Wi-Fi access point
• Wi-Fi client
• Vehicle interface for engine parameters, fuel consumption, engine hours, engine diagnostics
• Advanced I/O (input/output) capablity for event triggers and reporting

Integration with

• Driver ID
• Weight system interface (waste removal)
• Vehicle access control
• Tire pressure monitoring
• Garmin navigation
• Spreader controllers
• Plow sensors
• RF switch
• Speed buzzers


• Attract top drivers
• Comply with regulations
• Enhance customer service
• Improve fuel economy
• Increase safety
• Lower costs
• Optimize fleet performance
• Prevent theft
• Reduce emissions

Keep your sights fixed firmly on your valuable mobile assets and improve their efficiency with our robust GPS fleet tracking hardware and web-based monitoring solutions.