Government and Municipality

Our flexible hardware provides an in depth solution for light trucks, complex heavy duty vehicles and anything in between.
Snow plow

Save valuable time and resources

With the ever increasing pressure to do more with less and maintain accountability, our gateways can save time and reduce all-round workloads by automating the collection of data on work accomplishment.
Chameleon CTM-200

Why integrate a Chameleon CTM-200 gateway into a vehicle?

  • Gateway router capabilities can be used for IPsec VPN tunnels, port forwarding, NAT, etc
  • Autonomous GPS receiver provides optimal GPS data coverage for remote monitoring and locally connected laptops for in-vehicle CAD applications
Engine Vehicle Diagnostic Transmitter

Engine Diagnostics

The Engine Vehicle Diagnostic Transmitter (E-VDT), provides access to a vehicle's OBDII system for monitoring vehicle parameters allowing you to diagnose problems as they happen.
Wi-Fi graph

Utilize Existing Wi-Fi Systems

A Chameleon CTM-200 gateway can be configured to connect to an existing Wi-Fi Hotspot for an economical data transferring option.

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