Fleet Tracking

Ideal for fleets of all types and sizes, Cypress offers a fleet tracking solution with GPS hardware and a web-based application. By knowing the exact location of your vehicles you can save time, money and protect your valuable assets.

Save time and money

From city-wide delivery to cross country transport, lost time equates to lost money. By implementing our fleet tracking system you can:
  • Save fuel costs by eliminating inefficient routes
  • Increase employee productivity by reducing driving time
  • Monitor driver habits, such as excessive braking and acceleration
  • Eliminate scheduling inefficiencies
  • Reduce unauthorized trips and stops
  • Reduce overtime
  • Decrease high cell phone bills
Fleet of trucks

Not just another tracking system

Because our tracking system implements a Chameleon CTM-200 (designed and manufactured by us) you can count on features such as:
  • Wireless router functionality - plug your laptop into our gateway and web browse, check email and in-car map.
  • Direct, knowledgeable, no strings attached support. Because we manufacture the product, there's no middle-man hoops to jump through.

Protect your vehicles

Our fleet tracking system protects against theft and unauthorized after hours vehicle use. If a vehicle is moving where and when it's not supposed to, the system can automatically send you an alarm notification. If the vehicle is stolen, the installed Chameleon CTM-200 can position itself using GPS technology and will provide you its exact location.

Protect your drivers

Our tracking system not only provides security to your vehicles but also to the people operating them. Every worker can be equipped with a Man Down Pendant, so if there is an emergency, an alarm notification will be sent to you or a designated recipient. And by knowing the exact location of the vehicle, help can be sent instantly.
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Benefits at a Glance

•Monitor driver safety habits

• Dispatchers save time and endure far less phone calls

• Help maintain worker accountability

• Improve customer service

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