CTM-200 Gateway

Chameleon CTM-200™
for Mobile Use

With high accuracy GPS, engine diagnostic support and an accelerometer for motion detection, this multi-access gateway offers much more than just location data for mobile applications.
I/O for integration with existing vehicle subsystems
The CTM-200 gateway has 6 inputs that can be configured as analog or digital. Four of the inputs are single-ended and two are differential inputs with a dynamic range of 0-10 Volts.
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  • High accuracy GPS

  • Accelerometer for motion detection

  • Engine Diagnostics support/CANBUS

  • 5.5 to 36 Volt input power

  • On board Geofence

  • I/O for integration with existing vehicle subsystems

  • Industrial, rugged, small

  • Store and forward of any gateway generated reports

  • Wi-Fi option for in vehicle hotspots/clients

  • Data logger capability

  • High speed communication via Ethernet

  • Advanced power management (lower power modes, stand-by)

  • Remote management

Two Ethernet Ports
One Ethernet port is a LAN port and the other is a WAN port. This enables the gateway to be used as a “fail over” device where the WAN port is on a different subnet, or they can be both defined to be on the same subnet “switched” operation.
CAN Bus Port
CAN2.0B Bus Interface support for CAN enabled devices.
Real Time Clock
Maintain time synchronization for up to 24 hours when power has been removed from the device (120 second recharging time).
3-Axis Digital Accelerometer
Accelerometer that can be used for motion detection and hard brake/hard acceleration events.
Micro SD Memory Card Support
On board memory expansion for data logging and storage applications.
Locking I/O Terminals
Prevents accidental disconnects.
5.5 V to 36V continuous 58 V transient
Wide input voltage range to support a variety of operating environments (no modem reset during cold cranking).
User Replaceable Fuse
Easily accessible fuse for circuit protection.
Output Power (5-36 V) via Terminal Block
Ability to supply power to externally connected accessories and devices.
64-256 MB of RAM
Sizeable application space to support current and future OS requirements.
  • Integrated 802.15.4 (WPAN Gateway)
    This wireless module supports accessory products such as the Man Down Pendant and Engine Vehicle Diagnostic Transmitter.
  • Wi-Fi
    Optional 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi (client/AP) for multi-mode support (cellular/Wi-Fi)

  • Supports various RF Networks
  • EV-DO (REV A) - 3.1 Mbps (peak download) 1-2 Mbps (typical), 1.8 Mbps (peak upload) 300-500 kbps (typical)
  • HSPA+ - 42 Mbps (peak download), 5.76 Mbps (peak upload)
  • SMA antenna connector options available
  • Optional 802.11 Wi-Fi (client/AP)
  • Optional 802.15.4 for WPAN accessory support

  • RJ45/Ethernet 10/100 base T
  • Always on Ethernet connection (plug and play)
  • Configuration commands interface (telnet/SSH or http)
  • 2 Ethernet ports (WAN, LAN), not multiplexed (switched) but 2 separate ports

  • Serial RS-232, DB-9 port for legacy/ RTU/SCADA
  • PPP over serial, PAD, Serial MODBUS, console, serial, display device support

  • High speed external USB host port

  • 5.5 V to 36 V continuous, transient (spike) protection
  • 300-400 mA at 12 Volts
  • Less than 1mA standby at 12 volts
  • Protection to SAE J1455
  • Locking 3 wire power
  • Ignition sense

  • Internal Micro SD memory card support (2GB max)
  • 3-axis digital accelerometer
  • Real time clock
  • Status LEDS
  • Powerful 250Mhz, 32 bit ARM 9 based Networking and Communication Controller Microprocessor
  • 64 Mbytes of RAM (build options up to 256 Mbytes)
  • On board USB device support

Inputs (Analog or Digital)
  • 2 x differential inputs that can be configured for voltage or 4-20 mA loop current sense, 4 x single ended inputs
  • 0-10V dynamic range (12 bit resolution, 0.3% accuracy)
4 Digital Outputs
  • 500 mA sink capability, overload protection
  • Open drain configuration
  • 1 x output power (5-36 V)
  • 14 position, dual row 3.5 mm pitch Term Block
  • Plug Wieland part #: 27.631.3753.0

CAN2.0B Bus
  • 1 x CAN2.0B Bus Port
  • Plug Wieland part #: 27.631.3253.0

  • L1 (1575.42 MHz) frequency 22 channel continuous tracking receiver
  • Accuracy: 1.8 metres
  • Hot Start: 1 second typical
  • Cold Start: 34 second typical
  • Tracking sensitivity: -165 dBm
  • SMA GPS antenna connector
  • 3 V active antenna support

  • Clause 501.5: Procedure II - High Temperature test (+75°C operational test)
  • Clause 502.5: Procedure II - Low Temperature test (-35°C operational test)
  • Clause 503.5: Procedure I-C - Thermal Shock test (+75°C to -35°C operational test)
  • Clause 507.5: Procedure II - Humidity 95% RH operational test
  • Method 514.5C - Random Vibration - Frequency range 5-500 Hz, 0.008 g2/hz spectral density operational test
  • Method 516-I - Shock - 40g, 11ms, Saw-tooth pulse shape, 3 axis operational test

Options and Software
  • Custom on board application processing capability (Linux O/S 2.6.32 KERNEL)
  • Second Serial port
  • Opto-isolated (2500 Volts) RS-485
  • Satellite module support
  • Support for RFID devices (iButton®, HID Card)

  • Chameleon Planet
    Device monitoring software

  • WPAN Device Accessories
    E-VDT, Man Down Pendant, etc.

Rugged Design
  • Wide operating temperature range (-30°C to +65°C)
  • Shock absorbing mounting bracket for enhanced shock and vibration isolation
  • CNC machined aluminum/hi-impact thermoplastic composite enclosure
  • FCC, Industry Canada, RoHS Compliant, CE (pending)
  • 3 year standard warranty, optional 5 year warranty
  • Best in class support group for custom application and device configuration
How does the CTM-200 work?
A CTM-200 gateway is installed on a mobile asset. The gateway calculates its position based on GPS signals from a GPS satellite. The gateway communicates information using wireless cellular technology. Data is received and monitored on your computer.

Graph of how the CTM-200 works
Wi-Fi graph
Utilize existing Wi-Fi infrastructures. A Chameleon CTM-200 gateway can be configured to connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot for an economical data transferring option.

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CTM-200 satellite plus cellular option
Satellite + Cellular