Our Company

About Us

Cypress Solutions Inc. is a privately-owned wireless product developer and solutions provider for industrial and commercial applications. For 20 years, we have helped companies implement best-in-class industry solutions which seamlessly integrate wireless technologies into their existing management and communication systems.

Our recent acquisition of Agilink Systems Corp. enabled us to expand our product and services offering to the enterprise, banking and retail sectors. As a result, we have incorporated the Oxygen line of products (previously an Agilink product) as part of our offering. Oxygen is a reliable and easy-to-integrate product line that enables enterprises to achieve business continuity via 24/7/365 connectivity while protecting sensitive data end-to-end. It also provides standard SNMP monitoring to provide companies with deep insight into the wireless network using their existing monitoring infrastructure.

With headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Cypress Solutions was ranked by Canadian Business and PROFIT 500 as one of Canada's fastest growing companies for the past three years.


The Cypress Solutions Difference

Clients recognize Cypress Solutions for our ability to bridge the gap between industry trends and innovative wireless, networking and M2M technologies. We are known to deliver reliable and flexible solutions that operate in the most demanding environments across all industries.

Through our commitment to innovation, quality and efficient management of assets, Cypress Solutions' suite of products delivers unprecedented business results to organizations, enabling them to increase business productivity, improve supply chain efficiency, minimize safety risks and meet clients' changing needs.

Furthermore, our in-house assembly and configuration approach employs high standards in quality control and ensures that we deliver products that not only meet, but exceed our clients' expectations.

Together with our global network of channel partners, we can help clients meet their business objectives through our durable, reliable and scalable wireless data and communication products and solutions that help turn data into insight.